Bullroarer with The Universe

Bullroarer with The Universe

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The Bullroarer is a tool that creates a sound used by members of the Jinibara to communicate over great distances. Traditionally used to send messages/signals of warning or to return home. 

Holding from the end of the cord, the Bullroarer is then swung in a circular motion creating a characteristic roaring vibrato sound. Depending on the length of the cord and how fast you swing- the Bullroarer can create a range of sounds. By changing the plane in which the bullroarer is whirled from horizontal to vertical; the sound produced can be controlled. Making even the coding of information possible. The low frequency component of the sound travels extremely long distances. Clearly heard from many kilometres on a quiet night. 

This Bullroarer is crafted from wattle by Jinibara Elder Uncle Noel. The symbols carved represent the Universe. At a length of 23cm. 

Own an authentic, Indigenous artefact created by the Jinibara people.