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Hand carved by the Jinibara people, a one-of-a-kind set of clapsticks.

Clapsticks are a percussive instrument used by members of the Jinibara to maintain rhythm during ceremony along with singing and chanting. They are struck against each other and are played by both men and women. The clapsticks are made with both a light and dark-coloured timber. The light timer is grey ash from Uncle Noel’s property in Woodford.

Each clapstick set produces a different sound. These clapsticks, which are flatter, have a lighter sound and are more prevalent and pronounced tone. You can change the tone when you clap on the flat or the edge. And it all depends on the rhythm of the song to get the right beat of the clapsticks. It’s up to you to determine the tempo. The thickness, width and how you hold the clapsticks create a different tune.

These clapsticks tell the story of the native bee, the koala as well as the sun, moon and stars and men's and women's meeting places.

Own a piece of authentic, Indigenous art created by the Jinibara people.